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The McWilliams Family

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Just found a cassette by the McWilliams Family, Jimmy, Margaret, Sharon, Heather & Katrina “Their songs & music”.


Recorded & Distributed by Recording Division of G.M. Carson & Son Ltd. 148 Westwick Cres, Beauchief, S87DJ


Searching T’internet seems that Jimmy was quite famous and wrote a “Sheffield Song”


Anyone know any more?

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Between them, ‘The McWilliams Family’ members are still very much involved in singing, entertaining, performing music, arranging and teaching music.


The cassette titled 'The McWilliams Family - Their Songs and Music' (Jimmy, Margaret, Sharon, Heather and Katrina) was recorded in 1991 and profits were donated to St. Luke's Hospice.


You’re correct that Jimmy composed the words and melody for ‘The Sheffield Song’ and the lyrics were featured on Yorkshire Television in the 1980s.  He has also appeared on TV in recent times, and credits include: Michael Grade’s BBC FOUR documentary, ‘The Story of Music Hall’ and ‘What a Performance! Pioneers of Popular Entertainment’ alongside comedian, Frank Skinner, also for BBC FOUR.


As a Singer/Light Entertainer, Jimmy has performed throughout his life in the UK, USA and Canada, and in the last few years he has appeared at the City Varieties in Leeds, in The Good Old Days, at the Museum of Comedy in London and at Covent Garden in Music Hall – plus numerous Variety and Light Entertainment Shows in theatres and concert halls. You may wish to see photos and more information at www.jimmy-mcwilliams.co.uk (You may have already seen this.)

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