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D J Funny Nights Work?

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I was dj at a private Ruby wedding party opposite College club. The night started quite  then the gentleman whose Ruby wedding it was walking into the dance floor walking slowly with two sticks.? I put on Willey Bully when he threw the walking sticks aside and went at it like a youngster as though someone had risen from the dead.


When working at a nightclub doing a private party 18th birthday on Halloween.  The manager who was leaving not long after decided to go round Sheffield with 2  barmen to promote the night in the main disco. That morning they borrowed a coffin fro the S & E.  They took it in turns who paid in the coffin as they went around. By lunch time they decided to go into the old courtyard at the back of the stonehouse on church street.  They had only just sat down when the batman came up and asked them to leave as the coffin was up setting the customers. By the night to go back to the club they had visited the Black Swan and collected an array of people. Just before they were going to parade through the club from the party suite the manager asked one of two in bunny girl outfits to get on the dance floor (magnificent Melvyn). After a sort while he was asked to get off the dance floor. To which he pushes another on Kathy (who was. Stripper). After dancing for a short while she took the top off her bunny girl outfit and dropped backwards into two guys laps, Who did not know we're to put there hands. All hell was let loose led by the young woman who birthday it was.



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