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Apartments With Street Parking- Relocating To Sheffield

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I'm looking to move to Sheffield around Easter time and wanted some recommendations/ advice regarding selecting apartments to rent. My budget is £500-600 per month.  I lived in Sheffield for a year during my postgraduate studies in S3 area near the university of Sheffield.  So I'm looking for apartments in S3 , or S11 near ecclesall road, potentially Kelham Island and also S10. I'm a young professional female, in my early 20s, will mainly be living by myself so safety of the apartment building+ area is very important. I also have a car -  I've seen several apartments that I like in my budget but majority seem to only have the private parking,  but  I can't afford to  pay an extra  £50 + per month of private apartment parking.  A lot of the recommendatios posts on here seem to be for people who need  public transport nearby  or are not recent.  


Are there any specific places/ roads in the postcodes or apartment buildings that you know of that are particularly safe and also have either free street parking available or street permit parking  ? Are there any particular places within the above postcodes  that I should avoid ?


Thank you in advance!


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This map shows you where the zones are; https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/parking/apply-parking-permit/parking-permit-zones


There used to be maps which identified the fact that there are some free (non-permit) parking spaces in these zones, but I couldn't find the link - Sorry.


It flags the lies that SCC told about creating a PPZ around the City Centre - whereas in fact all they wanted to do was to target the SW and Hillsborough.

It also highlights the fact that it wasn't about helping those people that lived in those zones as the zones used to be a lot bigger with more flexibility around parking, but now they have reduced the sizes of the zones while not limiting the number of permits so they have oversupplied permits compared to capacity.

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Hi Renee.....Try S10 5SX.....3 storey flats, electronic communal  entry.....private allocated parking .

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