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49 minutes ago, Mr Bloke said:

Hmmm... :huh:

... yep, I understand the Best of Sheffield idea, but like I'm Bored, it isolates 'having a bit of fun' to those sections.


There was a time when people could post an 'off the cuff' remark on any thread or go off on a tangent (like most people do) and not be in fear of their comment being removed. This often attracted others into the thread who may not have felt that they had any contribution to make up to that point.


Yep, I also understand it meant more work for those behind the scenes to ensure that the thread was not completely derailed, but I think most of us are grown-up enough to know when (or not) an 'amusing' response is appropriate.


If the aim is to get more people to post then you have to encourage them to have a bit of fun, otherwise why are people going to make the effort? :?:

I beg to differ, we've been sent more than enough reports to see if happen when things get 'interesting'.  One person's off the cuff remark maybe a reason to send someone else over the edge. What is amusing to you poster is a red flag to another user. Therefore it isn't acceptable to make off the cuff remarks as we do not know how other posters feel. Believe me, i've seen the reports where users are very emotional on how it's made them feel crap. Someone users are rather fragile right now due to how long the CV-19 issue and lockdowns have been going on. 

We have found users certainly are not 'grown up' enough, 'blunts, wendy, dingles' just a few examples of what some users see as off the cuff remarks but offensive against their respective teams.


Users can be pro-active and post, but nope they would just rather complain that nothing is happenig on the forum.


Anyhow, this thread has gone far enough away from the topic that was started.

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