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How To Ship A Laptop To Spain

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On 16/02/2021 at 18:44, tinfoilhat said:

Even though it's a gift? 

People have being using the "it's a gift trick" to try and get things through customs without paying for a long time. Nothing to do with Brexit, the EU or anything else. DHL and other shipping companies will still charge you money and usually a lot more than when sent through normal mail. That said they normally send the invoice after delivery rather than requiring payment upfront before delivery.

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16 hours ago, geared said:

I said on the first page, be sure to thank your local gammon faced Brexiteer, now perhaps you can ask if they'll be happy to cover the cost of their freedom?


As for, "just a little bit more admin", well thats some bloody expensive admin, thats for sure.

It's expensive (and complex) enough, that our local British foodstuffs importer, Home from Home, is turning into an Irish foodstuffs importer (tiny bit of Brexit in today's local news, use Google translate).


Admittedly that's foodstuffs, paradoxically much harder to import into the EU now than a laptop.


Edit: couriers might be sending invoices afterwards to businesses, but looking at recent news and the volume of tweets in January/recently, the norm with private persons seems to be to request payment on the doorstep (or even in advance)?

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