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Male Professional Seeking House Share/Lodging Etc

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Dear All.


I am looking to move back to Sheffield (where I am from) after working and living over the UK for longer than I can remember.


The job transfer is looking to take place around the end of March/Mid April 2021 all being well. I am looking for a house share similar to those on spareroom.com or ideally just living with the live in landlord/homeowner.


I do not see it as long term, just somewhere I can use a base until I settle back in and look to go an rent elsewhere in the S postcode after a bedding in period.


Ideally I would like to be over the Peak D side of Sheffield, so - sort of Lodge Moor up to Stocksbridge - would consider Penistone as well - and surrounding area.


I work FT Mon-Fri out and about for SSE (Utilities company) and I will be covering that M1 corridor from Barnsley down to Leicester. At the moment I am only out on essential utility work, and at my lap-top for the rest of the time. Weekends I am always out in the Peak D, either Hiking or seeing friends.


I would be looking for a 7 days a week agreement. Certainly worth a try on here - you never know.


Any advice taken and appreciated - I understand it is an odd time at the moment. Any interested parties please feel free to message me.


I am Male, 50 and have a decent job, income etc, well presented, tidy, easy going and friendly, helpful etc. Can provide any references from previous landlords, and work etc.


Stay Safe...

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