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Derek, David And Ian Holland

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I am trying to find any contacts for my Dad (Ian) and elderly uncles who lived at Upperthorpe School between 1944 - 1954. My grandfather was the school caretaker, Harold Holland. The headmasters during this time were John Frost and Charles Cawsey.  The infants headteacher was Miss Midgely.

does anyone remember my family or have and photographs they could share please?

my Dad does remember a greengrocers shop called Hukins on Upperthorpe and also the Post Office which was run by the Norbrons. Anyone else remember these? 
Unfortunately one of my uncles has recently passed away, but the age range of the remaining brothers is 92-82 years old.

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Please don’t give out anyone’s private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent.

If you know the people in question make them aware of this thread.


Thank you

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Could they be related to the Holland Family who had a grocers shop on Ballifield Estate, Handsworth just along the block of  the Everest Pub


My auntie worked in the shop for a while, and the older son was "very keen" on my cousin - they were about the same age - would be about 15/17 at the time - certainly the oldest would be 17 because he as driving


The sons had a maroon coloured Morris Minor convertible at the time - 1949 model


This would be mid 1950's onwards - probable closed or sold some years later but  I have no  connections to Ballifield after mid 1960's when I moved to Driffield in East Yorkshire


Hollands had 3 sons, who if still alive will be in the age range 77 to 80 - In the mid to late 1950's 2 of the sons played in some local places with their Everly Brothers Act. They had a 1949 model, maroon coloured, Morris Minor convertible,  (soft top), at the time  which I think they changed in late 1961 or early 1962 if my memory is correct


Sorry I cannot remember any of the boys names but I could WhatsApp my cousin who lives in Chesterfield because I am sure she will remember them


Good Luck in your search - Best Wishes - Victor M Hutchinson - Hot and Sunny Malaysia

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