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Notre Dame High School

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I was there 1989-1994. I remember the Head teacher dying. He was only there a few weeks. I can't remeber his name though. Mr Conway was very strict from what I remember. Anyone else out there went there around the same time as me?

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I knew a Nicola Roberts. Dates do not match though cos the girl I know would have been in my year. Are you from Stocksbridge?


I know Nicola Roberts from Stocksbridge too! (Although I saw her recently and she lives in Hillsborough now I think) I think the Nicola Roberts on here is a different one though.


I was in first year when that headteacher died (about 1990...?) but I left after third year and moved to a different school.


And wasn't the head teacher Sister Someone-or-other before that one that died? I was sure it was a nun the year before I started.

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Sister Marie I think. Sister Concepta was there but she was never Headmistress. As much as she thought she was! I wonder do I know you? Love the guessing game. Throw us a few clues...


But what about my secret identity! :o Ok, I'm 28 and I'm from Stocksbridge. I'm female and I did a lot of singing and acting kind of stuff at school. How's that?


And what about some clues from you? :)


EDIT: Oh and I remember Take That coming to school yeah! I voted for Mr O'Connor about a million times!

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I knew a girl called Natalie who went there, always wondered what happened to her. she would be around 32 ish now - came from Pitsmoor.


Knew 2 Natalie's from Pitsmoor both around that age. Blonde hair or black?

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