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Notre Dame High School

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Daisy2, your uniform description is perfect.  You must have been there when the candy stripes were replaced by green chambray shift dresses. We thought they were an improvement but still had the stupid Panama hats . The ridiculous list of different shoes and everything only available from Coles meant my parents had to take out credit account for the first and last time in their lives. Two sisters at NDHS and a brother at de la Salle at the same time. 

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I remember miss jowitt who thought she was a bit of a catch??? Won’t go into the gory details . 
Also Mrs chapelle who taught us to read music which proved really helpful when I went on to have piano lessons. 
I remember Mrs barefoot but she didn’t teach me. 
Miss Feely who someone mentioned was rather highly strung. 

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Miss Jowitt was teaching when I left in 1959! She gave us rather dubious sex advice!! Also Mrs Chapelle! So goodness knows how old they were when they retired!!!! I have a chapter on Notre Dame High School in my book 'Bottle Green Knickers With Pockets - Growing Up in 1950s Sheffield' which was published last year and which has been doing well!! For any information email me on monica.dyson42@btopenworld.com. I am distributing the book from home. You can see launch reviews in the Sheffield Star by googling Monica Mary Morton (my Maiden name) 

Enjoy the nostalgia!!!!

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Did any of you go on a French trip with Miss Molloy in July 1966? Bizarrely we went to mostly Flemish speaking Bruges. Visited Dunkirk, Ghent and a war cemetery.  My first holiday without family aged 12. Had my 13th birthday there. 


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