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Preventing Frozen Car Door Locks.

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1 hour ago, FORE said:

yep, oil can with nozzle & finger pump. Put nozzle into lock, seal off flap with fingers give a few pumps, then use key to lock / unlock to distribute.


Maybe an old 3-in-one can would suffice.


Are you advising not to? Or was oil preesure can not a good discription?

Did not understand what you meant by oil pressure can.  I understand now 

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Oil cans with the trigger to create a bit of pressure can be useful.


I am not sure exactly what is appropriate to use inside car door locks. I don't think it would be a substance as thick as oil. Oil is a very good lubricator for some applications. However, an oily surface/mechanism that has light/delicate moving parts can eventually clog with  dirt that adheres to the oily surface. 


I have had some good results with graphite powder on a large padlock, but have not used it in a car door lock. There may be someone on here that knows what is appropriate.

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