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Sheffield Wednesday Fc V Coventry City Fc

bassett one

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11 hours ago, bassett one said:

WELL a home game,maybe pullis will try somthing different,dare i say we could hope for a draw?

Can't wait for the January transfer window.. Then Pullis can get rid of you, maybe a transfer to Leeds :hihi:.

(sorry pal)

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11 minutes ago, bassett one said:

dont like leeds,can i go to  anywhere in spain,after last nights match i felt like switching the tv off after 5 mins,they were awfull.

Can't believe how there playing, what amaze's me is how a little club (compared to Wednesday) Barnsley are challenging for a play of spot.

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2 hours ago, 1295galaxy said:

Pulis again made some changes,but what type of players is he thinking of bringing in to change the team,as to a lot of fans Pulis is not attacking type of manager,we want to see at this club,just can"t wait to the signings he is hoping to bring in?

That's if he can, there was talk we could be under an embargo with this wage issue, hopefully just rumours and not true though.

Important win if we can hold onto the lead

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