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Sheffield Wednesday V Barnsley Fc

bassett one

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17 matches, 9 points.


Nine points, and that's only courtesy of the authorities, otherwise it'd still be 3.

25 hours plus of play, a grand total of 3 points.

Let's pretend that the misdemeanor and result didn't happen...they'd be on 15 points this morning.

Assuming all other team results to be the same, they'd still only be 20th out of 24 in the league, just above the relegation trio.


There are no real signs of improvement from what coverage I've seen and commentary heard.

"Outclassed" is a phrase I keep reading.

Perhaps going down a league for a season or two is what's actually needed.

Regroup, re-focus, and then try to advance.





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Pulis as got to change how the Owls are playing,an show to the fans he more bothered about scoring goals than defending and hitting the other team on the Break,that is why a lot of fans didn"t want Pulis in at the First place,the Huddersfield game in the first 20 minutes was shocking letting them pass the ball about the field with no tackling at All,so they got more confident and our team had losing again in there heads,Pulis as got to give some other players a chance in the side like Izzy Brown or Matt Penny,who like running with the ball an attacking minded,o.k the squad Pulis as inherited from Monk needs strengthening,but if we see the team is eager to win games then they will get of the managers back

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gained big sam ellis to our group today,those of a age will remember him ,1966 final,but tired out that day,could put a big boot on a ball in his day poor old clock,hes helping and scouting,at 74 hes now getting on a bit,but lets hope he finds a few good uns for jan.

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On 08/12/2020 at 17:46, Jim Hardie said:

Barnsley haven't beaten Wednesday in their last twelve attempts. I think we know which way this will go, lol.

Similar figures for Huddersfield against the Owls...till the other day.

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