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Sticking With You

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You asked me one day whether

we’d always be together.

You talked of this a lot

and so I thought - Why not?

So I had this awesome notion 

to show my true devotion -

I’d get myself some glue

and glue myself to you

to be always by your side -

my perma-fastened bride.

As one through thick and thin,

stuck firmly by the skin, 

like a pod with two peas,

like…. Bostik Siamese.


I couldn’t wait to share

my plans to be a pair.

But then some practicalities,

some day to day realities

and worries of that kind

crept in to my mind.


Like how we’d get through doors,

potential chafing sores,

to earn an honest bob

we could only have one job,

despite our romance thriving

we couldn’t share the driving,

and might some people mock

our single roomy smock?


And things that I won’t mention

could add a strange dimension.

Lets just say I feared

it might get a little bit weird.


And how would we unfetter

if I met someone better?

Not only would I break your heart,

we’d literally be torn apart.

We’d have to be anesthetised

as doctors grimly ripped and prised.

Then what a pickle we’d be in

requiring major grafts of skin

and possibly some sinew

before we could continue.


But then when I revealed to you

my qualms concerning superglue

you seemed perplexed,

and a little bit vexed

with a strange undercurrent of violence

beneath that inscrutable silence.


And needless to say

we split up that day.




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Reminds me of this lovely Gothic love song...



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