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I can't access my Pms? Any advice 

If you pmd me. Can you try again please?

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I've just had a look at your account and there's no reason from our end as to why you shouldn't be able to access your PM box.  I've disabled and then re-enabled your PMs to see if that made any difference.


If you're logged into your account fully (which if you're posting, you should be) then the most helpful thing that I can suggest is that you do a bit of turning it off and on again to see if that helps, and if it doesn't help, that you clear your SF cookies.


There is no logical reason why this should be so, but we've always found that selectively clearing your SF cookies is more helpful than blanket clearing them (and it means that you don't lose your logins for all of the other sites you visit, for instance) and for some reason it also works better if it's done twice (again, for no apparent reason).


Go into your browser and the Settings or Options menu, and from there into your Security and Cookies settings.

In the search box enter 'sheffieldforum' (without the space) and remove any cookies that it comes up with.  After this, clear your cache and restart your browser.


Hopefully your account will go back to how it should be with one of these actions.

5 minutes ago, nate dep said:

what does pms stand for?

Private Messages.

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