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Microsoft Office Package For Mac

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Hello :)


I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best MS office package for my MacBook?


I would like to have MS Word, Excel and Publisher (possibly powerpoint too) and I'm having trouble making sense of the best package?


Has anyone got any advice?


Many thanks in advance.....



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Also, LIbre Office, and Open Office both work on Mac.... and are fully compatible with MS Office...

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Well towards the end of last year I took up the offer of paying for 5 licence of SoftMaker Office for only £23 (Mac, Linux, Windows). It's what I have been using on Linux since the start of lockdown (and still working from home). I find the workflow a lot more easier in SoftMaker Office. I upgraded to 2021 version for £55. The layout is almost identical to MS Office and you can change this to the pre-2007 look if you prefer. At the moment I am using the Ribbon. Don't know about Mac but the Windows version has an early version of MathType included in Text Maker - the other applications are Presentations, and Plan Maker (spreadsheet). An alternative to Publisher which is free is Scribus:




Another alternative to take a look at that is for the Windows and Mac platform and reasonably priced, Affinity Publisher:




I would still also look at installing LibreOffice as Presentations 2021 still can't handle MS prepared PowerPoints correctly in some instances. I haven't had any issues with subject prepared PowerPoints, only my own where I had used snipping tool images at work to prepare Word training PowerPoint from document settings to use of Styles - only LibreOffice showed the images correctly. SoftMaker Office uses % for font spacing and as I sometimes have to prepare work with different pt kerning (font spacing) I had to create a LibreOffice Writer document with spacing then import that into Text Maker to find out what the equivalent % was. LIbreOffice is good but I find it harder to get to grips with with its latest iteration where it hides the main menu bar and a poor layout of it's Ribbon equivalent - no such issues with SoftMaker.


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