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Any Page Layout Experts?

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Hi - a friend has written a book which she is going to get a local printer to print for her. I'm using Apple Pages, to do the layout but I'm looking for general advice rather than specific guidance on using this particular software.


My problem is that on some spreads, the bottom of the text does not align properly.


This happens where either:


 - there is a heading at top of one of the pages (headings are in a larger font than the body text

- widows and orphan control means that a page would begin or end with a single line of text.


There are illustrations on some pages, but they don't seem to cause this problem


Any advice on how to get the body text to line up properly at the end of each page?



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Sounds like you need to adjust the page margins etc... 

Every editor/company has slightly different margins set by default, there's not really a "standardised" thing for them....

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In addition to what Ghozer has said, remove hyphenation if needs be (if it has such an option) and the only way to truly edit a document is to have the 'show/hide paragraph marks' set to 'show'




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