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Bbc Series, 'Life'.

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Here's a little smile for you..

You know how the Beeb is constantly 'advertising' new stuff? In between every program you're treated to a 15 second snippet of Little Mix/Top Gear/what have you....in fact, they're bloody annoying they're on so often!

Anyway, it was the same for their new series, "Life".

During one of the many showings, I mentioned that it was the first thing I'd seen with the actor who played Pat Butcher's (Eastenders) husband in. He was in the background for a few seconds only, but there he was...

"No", my beloved said at the next showing, "That's not him - That's Tim Vine"

So began a debate every time the snippet was shown...and boy, I lost count of how many that was!

Anyway, we watched the first episode to find out who was right.

Neither of us.

It turned out to be Peter Davison, ex-Doctor Who many years ago.

"My God! Hasn't he aged!", conveniently forgetting how long ago he played the Doc.

Then I looked in a mirror...


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Mirrors - they've got a lot to answer for.  Designed to bring you down.


How many of you, when faced with the question of what you would take to be with you on a desert island would gleefully request a mirror? or a tape measure? or a tax demand?  



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