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Spitting Image Reboot


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29 minutes ago, nikki-red said:

Only available on watch on Britbox tho I believe 🙁

 I didn't realise, I Just saw a glimps during the ads,   I hope it eventually gets back on ITV, meanwhile Ill look at the sign up sit on Britbox, thankyou for the correct info. :thumbsup:

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1 hour ago, PRESLEY said:

Spitting Image is coming back, just can't wait to see how far they go, :hihi: there will be some cringing and whinging,  :gag:

From what I understand, there already has been some crying and whinging after they dared to include Greta Thunberg in their puppet caricatures.


"....But she is just an innocent child..." they all screamed.


Well when that 'child' gets thrust upon the world stage as the darling of the environmentalists and starts preaching to world leaders and the adult population IMO she should be just as open to satire as any other.


I agree its a shame it is on the the subscription channels as I would have liked to have seen the reaction from the current trend of instant sniviling little whiners complaining to Ofcom.   My worry is the show will have been too diluted since the 80s

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