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Male / Female Tackle The Same Course And Distance. Uci World Championships

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The Cycling World Championships start today in a much reduced format.


The Individual Time Trial is the same for men and women at 31.7k. Its a flyers cource suited to the specialists and expected to be completed in excess of 50kph by the best men. It will provide a real comparison between men and women are in competative cycling. 


After the longest ever stage in the (Womens) Giro Rosa, (170k), won by Sheffields Lizzie Banks,  women are tackling longer races.  But, the distance of the Road Race, on Saturday and Sunday, are still very different. 5 laps/143k, for the women and 9 laps/259k, for the men. Comparisons will still be easily drawn with simple maths as the lap is exactly the same.



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All the results are in:-


Time trial

Women - Anna van der Breggen - 40:20 - 47.1kph

Men -        Fillippo Ganna                   - 35:54 - 52.9kph


Road Race

Women - Anna van der Breggen - 5 laps - 4:09:57 - 1st lap = 49:14, Attack lap(4th) = 46:58

Men        -  Julian Alaphilippe          - 9 laps - 6:38:34 - 1st lap = 48:39, Attack lap (9th) = 40:34




Lizzie Deignan 6th in the road race

Geraint Thomas 4th in the Time trial (without a computer)

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