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Washing MacHine Help

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Got an odd issue with my washing machine and just after opinions. Done a wash, took the clothes out but noticed a pair of tights were pulling. Turns out about no more than 2 inches has got stuck in one of the drain holes in the drum!


I've tried to pull it out by hand, using pliers (which has ripped half of it) and I just can't pull it free. I have no idea what it could be caught on as the drum moves freely and can't hear anything catching. After looking online it says to check the drain filter but I can't imagine the piece has reached down there? I'm half considering cutting it off as the material surely can't damage anything and then catch the piece in the the drain filter after a cycle or two.


Looks like I'll have to get someone to look at it but does any one have any ideas?

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You are quite right,just cut it off.

The sump hose from the outer drum to the pump is plenty wide , impossible a bit of tights will block it.

It will end up caught on the impellor of the pump in due course.

If you are lucky your machine might have a hose to drain the machine before you open the door to the impellor.


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