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Sheffield Post Office Technicians

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My Dad Ralph Darbyshire worked at the Post Office  from 1947-1951

He was employed as a  technician in the engineering department. This was his first ever job and he seemed to quite enjoy his time there.

Duties would have involved installing lines and telephones.

Anyone out there that was also similarly employed? Anyone who might recall my Dad? He would have been 16 when he started so it’s a long time ago. Dad would have been 89 this year so maybe someone’s parent might have worked alongside him. Do you have photos? Alas we do not. The reason I am looking for assistance is that we, the family, are trying to find information on anyone who worked for the Post Office during the above mentioned time period, in Sheffield, who may have been diagnosed with mesothelioma both living or deceased.

Asbestos was used in cables/wiring back in the day as well as a million other things.

Any help no matter how small you think it could be would be most appreciated.

I hope some of you also find long lost work pals thru this discussion thread.

Thank You

The Darbyshire Family 

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