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Sword Stone On Loxley/Wadsley Common?

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Hi All,


Anyone know whether there is a stone with a sword shape carved into it on Wadsly/Loxley Common?


If so ... where is it?

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Hi ShotoKarate


I consulted the oracle on this for you (Ron Clayton) and his response was as follows:


Yes its a rough carving of a sword in the vicinity of the Macabbi football pitch  and to the right hand side- nothing special if you ask me -like the supposed stone circle-the most interesting thing is the artillery breast work dating from the 1860's


Hope this helps you find it!

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I was thinking of the legend of Excalibur and the Kings of England when I read this.  Of course, as far as we know, that is just a fictional story about the sword in the stone.  There is, however, something rather more pertinent and real to research,  if it's the history of the English monarchy that takes your interest.  And it's here on your doorstep in Sheffield.


You may, or may not, be aware that events leading to the first official King of all England occurred here?  


A very important part of English history, which for some reason, does not get much attention, locally or nationally.  I'm sure if this was in America there would be a museum and theme park around it.  Thank heavens it's not.  But it's right here, in the village of Dore - it's easy to find - and it's definitely worth a visit if you are interested in English history.


Link below:



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