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Dye For Beards-Is It The Same As Normal Hair Dye?

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25 minutes ago, Janus said:

If I knew where to get some of them I would. Apart from June, July and and August my feet are always freezing. I use the hairdryer inside my socks & slippers throughout the day.


Them British army socks used to be very good, but the original socks are no longer available.


I got some others on flea bay which were thicker-Russian army or some story. They are not too bad, but without  a decent wool content I'm still having to use the hairdryer.


I'm the opposite I never did any of that Hippy shi - sorry Stuff but l still love walking around bare foot.

E' Happy days arguing over who's Army blanket had the biggest number stenciled on't corner with my Brother when we were kids as if it made any difference to how bloody itchy they were LOL.


Happy Daze.



Son in law (if they ever get married) always colours his beard (some pretty strange colours) I'll ask him what he uses. 

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He probably took some inspiration from the big yin?

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