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Private Youtube Video - Reilly/Nitikman - The Elton Sessions

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Filmed at Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield
Available to watch from Saturday 1st August

At the ages of eleven UK Singer-songwriter John Reilly and Canadian pianist and co-writer Lewis Nitikman were either side of the Atlantic simultaneously and reverently opening up the gatefold sleeves of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, marvelling at the colourful  artwork, pictures and lyrics, then carefully placing the pristine vinyl on their turntables. 

When the stylus touched down on the spinning 33 rpm disc and the majestic, atmospheric organ intro to ‘Funeral for a Friend’ filled their rooms, there then followed song after beautifully crafted song and John Reilly, in Liverpool was captivated by every evocative word and imagery of Bernie Taupin’s lyrics as Lewis Nitikman in Vancouver sat at the piano working out Elton’s inspirational chords and melodies. 

These were defining moments in an era filled with so much innovative music and talent gloriously sailing out of transistor radios and radiograms across the world and young Reilly and Nitikman were like sponges drinking in the wonder. It was moments like these that eventually spilled them onto the path of their own creativity and their own original ideas as songwriters.

Both recognise the importance of those exciting seminal moments in their lives and this is why every now and again they both revel in celebrating the songs of Elton John in a live performance. Not a tribute! Not an impersonation! But a celebration and interpretation of his amazing eclectic back catalogue. 

These concerts have been received with glowing feedback and demand is high for tickets whenever they decide to celebrate these songs.

Here's a taster, filmed at the Devil's Arse a couple of years ago ...

And so as we remain in this unprecedented time where people cannot gather together and communally share and enjoy the magic of a live venue and artistes are unable to perform which brings its own hardships. John and Lewis will be filming their live performance celebrating the timeless songs of Sir Elton John in the intimate setting of Yellow Arch Studios with no audience. Ticket holders will be sent an exclusive link to watch the atmospheric concert at any time they wish, and over again. 

Expect a brave set of Elton hits and some amazing older hidden gems with stories behind the songs. They are also likely to have a guest or two.

Please buy your tickets now and why not buy a link as a present for a friend! 

John Reilly and Lewis Nitikman are grateful for your support at this difficult time and are committed to bringing you the best performance possible to your own homes wherever you are across the world.

Tickets £10 online via this link or by PayPal here or  from Elaine 07918 556552


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