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Puppy Socialisation

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Hi there


I wondered if anyone knows of any puppy socialisation classes/ events in Sheffield at all? I know it's tricky with the current situation. My brothers dog has unexpectedly passed away so we are limited to who our pup is able to have contact with until he has his next injections. Thanks

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If the pup hasn't had all its injections, you might be better off taking it in your arms to the shops, (places like B&Q where there are sudden noises) increasingly louder places, walking by fields with livestock in it etc. Walking with pup in your arms to the local park to watch the big dogs too.


Once the injections are done, the best thing is to frequent a local park at different times of the day to meet as many dogs as possible. You will find many other dog owners quite happy to let their dog play (keep it to short bursts), and use a training line (around 5-10 feet) so you have some control but still sticking to social distancing. A long line is good for practicing recall too.


Take pup to different areas to walk, increasing the busyness of the traffic.  Get pup used to the sudden noise air brakes make, the sound of a crossing, the buzz of the trams (which we don't necessarily pick up on but they do).


Our pup came home just as lockdown started and this is what we did.  Some training schools are opening now. We start obedience this week, having missed the age for the puppy classes, but she's a confident puppy now...she just needs to learn how to concentrate on us around other dogs! 🤣

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