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Basegreen, Birley & Intake Recreation

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Basegreen is an up and coming community for families, there is a extremely large recreational area (Jaunty Park) which links communities from, Intake , Birley and Gleadless, How ever there is absolutely no facilities in this park what so ever 


Isn't it about time that the Sheffield city council invested in this community.


I.e. Charnock park has a reasonable playground, adventure equipment, fitness equipment generous foot / running paths where as Basegreen has nothing. Why?


We would like to see some investment to the likes of what Charnock has, people from Base Green, Birley & intake pay council the same as other communities so surely we are entitled to the same investment as other areas of Sheffield.


Come on board and support this request .


Potential infrastructure we would like to see is .


  •  A play area for children of all ages, 
  •  Foot paths for pedestrians, runners and cyclists alike 
  • Fitness equipment around the footpaths (as per Charnock Park)
  •  Football / Basket ball court (as per Charnock)
  •  Football pitches with Goal post installed as football is played on these field regularly .
  •  Potentially update the community building linked to Birley to a café or sports changing rooms as apposed to being left empty and boarded up.


This has the potential to become a great recreational area for all neighbouring communities, promoting fitness,  health and wellbeing to persons of all ages. 


The café would be a good meeting place for the elderly as well, 


Please lets be active and promote this project to become a reality.



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There used to be swings, a slide and climbing frame in Jaunty Park in the 1980s. I used to take my friends children there, but I moved from the area and haven't been there for almost thirty years. It should have been improved, not neglected.

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What about Hackenthorpe too........



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hi as chair of friends of greenhill park,unless you are a main park ie millhouses,graves ect,then they have even had to pay themselves for some features,theres only 2 ways to gain anything more than a basic,firstley set up a group,bank ect,survey what you want then bid to one of several landfill companys,working with sheffield parks dept from the offset,or hope you can gain money from local builders surcharge in the area(but check if its available),but then theres another huge problem,WHO maintains the items,we have had built at greenhill park a flood light hard surfaced,fenced MUGA,2x climbing frames,a skate park,a disabled swing,a zip wire and a new

pavilion,BUT its the repairs that SCC cannot afford to do ect,so start at the parks dept,but its not easy i can assure you,its like the festival,we work with them on that,but we pay all bills except the rubbish removal,no cash in the hod iam afraid,good luck,hard work,hours of work you can get there.

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