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Putting A Headstone On My Grandsons Grave

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We buried my 5yr old grandson nearly 9 years ago I want to put a headstone on his grave he’s at city road and can anyone please advise me on where to start 

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Posted (edited)

Tracienanof7 - you will need to speak to the owner of the grave. They should have the grave papers which includes the plot number. I don’t know if the documents are digital nowadays.

Once you have their permission and the documentation, take them to a stonemason of your choice and they will sort everything out for you. All you have to do is decide on the type of memorial you want and the lettering. There are some rules regarding this but the stonemason will advise.  If you are unsure which stonemason to use, look around at the other memorials because they often have the name of the company on the back - usually on the plinth.


Some graves in City Road cemetery are four casket ones so if anyone in the family wishes to be buried there you may want to leave space on the headstone.  The capacity of the grave can be found in the grave papers.

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