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Black Bull, Ecclesfield To Remain Closed

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Posted (edited)

Just seen this.  Never been in myself but it'll be a local to some.  Doesn't look as though it's going to reopen? 



Sadly I think there will be a few more like this when COVID-19 is over?  Some of the big breweries who own the pubs aren't helping.  Watched a report on Calendar last week & the tenant landlord of one pub which of course hasn't been able to trade since mid-March, the brewery still want the full rent off the landlord , £57,000 per year. 


The bloke has had to get another job in the meantime just to make ends meet, while still maintaining the fabric of the pub. 


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Posted (edited)

The Black Bull is owned by Star Pubs & Bars, part of Heineken and is leased out to an independent operator under a tied arrangement. It will probably reopen at some point with a new tenant


I recall Star Pubs & Bars are one of the pub companies that have been named and shamed for still charging rent on pubs that aren't trading and generally not being very supportive, sounds like the licencee at the Black Bull is another one financially ruined by the business practices of such pub companies. Another such company is ei group (formerly Enterprise Inns), now part of Stonegate. Not all such pub companies have been so bad with tenants through lockdown with various family owned breweries that lease pubs along with the mighty Greene King offering various concessions and support to help tenants through the bad times.


Another issue affecting some pubs is those with higher rateable values (bigger pubs and City Centre venues predominantly) haven't qualified for some of the government support.

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