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Closing Roads To Traffic & Widening Pavements For Social Distancing

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Some of the star comments echo mine above - it makes sense that where you have limited private vehicles using these areas then the area can be passed to pedestrians.


it doesn’t make sense to me to stop  people having easy access from their vehicles to certain places and everyone having to walk to where they need to get to - when previously  they could have parked outside - walked in and out of shop - and then gone home.

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As a resident of Broomhill, I walk along this pavement at least twice, usually more, most days.  Sometimes I'm visiting the shops.  More often, I'm going for a walk or run, heading to the doctor, going to work, visiting a friend.

It can be awful trying to get past people on a narrow pavement with cars coming in and out of the parking bays with little regard to people.  But now there are socially distanced queues for the shops, and, on 2ft wide pavements, you can't distance unless you walk through the parking area.

When they shut the bays for social distancing measures at the weekend, I had hoped it might be to close the bays, perhaps retaining the two disabled spaces, and give shoppers a wide pavement at a really busy pinchpoint.  

They haven't given pedestrians any more room.  They've removed the plant pots - that I think we're there to discourage pedestrians from using a dangerous sliver of pavement between a busy road and a carpark.  And painted advisory zebra stripes that reinforce the right of way that pedestrians have.

It's very clear to me that car drivers retain priority in this area, and easy parking has been prioritised over ensuring that everyone can walk or queue with safe social distancing.  

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