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I contravene the Highway Code

and stroll down the middle of a four lane road.

With no other soul nor a car to be seen

it feels like a Hollywood opening scene,

like something disastrous happened today -

an asteroid struck but it seems I’m OK.

The scientists said that no man could survive

yet I am uninjured – The Last Man Alive.

Our lonesome dude

must hunt for food,

build a shelter, wield a knife

beware emboldened wildlife,

defend himself, evaluate,

find an Eve - re-populate.


Or maybe it’s more of an end credit scene

and I’m an unstoppable killing machine,

sent to vanquish humankind

and this is what I’ve left behind.

My mission – Man’s annihilation  

….plus all his forms of transportation.

Oh what will threatened humans do?

You’ll have to wait for DeathDroid 2


In truth

there is sun and a temperate breeze

and birds twitter sweetly in whispering trees.

I’m strolling alone on a tranquil street

to the comforting sound of my own two feet

and not entertaining the niggling fear

the world has now ended but I didn’t hear.

Although the forlorn desolation is sad,

this new-fangled quietness isn’t so bad.



My pace has now slowed,

I meander in the road.


Gone are the days

when you’d look both ways.

Now when I do

I see something new -

neglected old buildings, historical plaques,

obstinate undergrowth struggling through cracks

and up in a tree where a trainer was flung

a couple of blackbirds are feeding their young. 



Then, at last

a taxi speeds past

and not so far off

I hear someone cough,

on the building site there

two scaffolders swear.



Life in a lull

is a little bit dull

but I’m not quite alone

in this lock down zone.



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