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20 minutes ago, Becky B said:

I have mixed feelings about this. The man is an absolute star, and if more of the population had his attitude towards exercise we would have far fewer health problems, but the NHS should be funded through taxation, not through the efforts of a centenarian walking round his garden! It just allows smug politicians to sit around talking about "embodying the British spirit" whilst quietly taking the NHS apart piece by piece...


I believe John Burkhill (the Man with the Pram) has an MBE?  Perhaps someone who knows could fill us in!

Not one penny of the money raised goes towards funding the NHS.

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12 hours ago, Padders said:

So am I, but all he as done is walk around his garden 100 times.. very good for a man of his age..

But what about our Man with the Pram, been walking around Sheffield for years, raising thousands of pounds for charity.

Surely he deserves a Knighthood.

People raising money for charity or doing charitable work make up a large number of those who receive honours.  You yourself can nominate the Man with the Pram for a honour.  The majority of the  public I guess  believe Sir Captain Tom deserves his Knighthood for the huge amount of money raised which wouldn't have happened if he hadn't walked around his garden 100 times.  I'm happy for Sir Captain Tom and his family that he has been given a Knighthood.

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