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Broken Sunlounger Advice

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We have one of those double rattan chair lounger sets for the garden. You know with the plump cushions and reclining chair backs, pull out footrest. Took the winter covers off, gave everything a clean and oiled the reclining mechanism first thing, in preparation for this weekend. On resting back on one of them in the sunshine on Good Friday, I did a "Cinzano airlines" as the back gave way (yes you can laugh, it was funny, shame I didn't have a camera going).


Anyhoo. It turns out that the mechanism that clicks the backrest (like one of those original bright orange sun loungers of the 70s where you have to close the backrest first get the angle right) has broken.


Does anyone know if it can be repaired...I've tried Google but I'm obviously not explaining it correctly because it just wants to show me how to fix the webbing, or the mechanism on an indoor reclining chair. 

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Posted (edited)

I was looking at your post again from a few weeks ago. No replies.


Initially my thoughts were 'does it just need the metal part welding'?


If so, someone local with a mig welder could possibly fix it. 


Personally I would post a photo of the broken part. Upload your photo to a hosting site, then just post the link on here. 

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Thank you Janus.  I've found a place that's still open and they're going to have a look at it with regard to welding. Thanks for your suggestions 😊

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