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Covid 19. The Musical

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Hi folks.

Would anyone be interested in reading a few short stories I'm writing about the current situation? They're irreverent, brutal and to the point but hopefully some of you will chuckle along the way and see that throughout the perceived negativity, there's a vein of hope and total optimism running through them all.

Please understand, there's no malicious intent in anything written therein but some of you might get offended. Stick with it, though. They're written only with a positive message in mind for all of us. Literally, all of us. There's often humour (most often, very irreverent humour!) in them all.

I just think we ought to find things to smile about and find something positive in this time of utter madness.

If you'd prefer not, I have already posted the first 2 stories to Facebook.

You're welcome to read and, I hope, enjoy them there. Please feel free to like and share with anyone else you think might enjoy a read..at least while the lights are still on.

If you don't like them, just don't read them. There's absolutely no offence meant to anyone. (I cover that in the stories!)

Only positive replies, please! There is far too much negativity around already.


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