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Mobilezone Pinstone Street

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This is a long shot but I wonder if the community here could help.

My father took his phone to be repaired (it was sending double msgs) to MobileZone on Pinstone Street between Lime & the Card Factory.

He spoke with them on my mother’s phone and they informed him it would take a couple of weeks to resolve. He hadn’t heard anything after that so tried them again and got no answer. When he went to visit the shop he found it shut up and empty.

I can’t imagine they’d have done this on purpose so I wondered if anyone perhaps knew the owner or how we’d find out who ran the business so we can contact them.

He’s contacted Vodaphone and they have cancelled the SIM and said they’d get in touch with the police.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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Sorry to say, but I'm afraid that there may not be a chance to get it back... unless you can track down the original owner...

Have you talked to any of the other mobile phone repair shops near by, see if they knew them?

and honestly, it wouldn't have needed to go to a store to fix, a call to Voda Customer Services, or pop into the Vodaphone store they would have been able to fix it in a few minutes....


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