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Composite Decking Needed

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Any one could recommend a very sensible decking company to remove my rotten timber deck and replace with composite decking?


Also, wanna ask is composite decking any good for long lasting over 20 years?  My house is extended and hence limited access through the door. Hence, decking seems to be more sensbile than patio paving.



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Hi jordan2


A comment re wooden decking which may be of use to others


Around 25 years ago I laid a sizeable area of wooden decking at the top of my garden, lot easier to move around than paving

I didn't use decking timber, but used tanalised timber I purchased from Wickes in Sheffield

Everyone of those 25 years I have applied preservative to the decking and have only had to make minor repairs over that time. 

Composite decking obviously doesn't need attention in the same way, but composite decking material is expensive stuff


Hope you have some success !

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