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Help Please With Accessing My Hotmail A/C

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I sign in

Insert a/c no

Insert password

Then I am asked to verify my ID

I have to insert last 4 no's of my tele no

Then I am supposed to get a call back with a code, usually 6 numbers

I am not getting the call back


This situation has arose many times in the past and I have always received a call back with a set of numbers which I then insert and am given access to my a/c


Hoping some good person reading this can help me out

Is there a Hotmail contact help no. or e mail address !


Looking forward to a reply

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Posted (edited)

I assume when you created the account you specified a phone number for password recovery, are you sure you are typing the last 4 digits of the same number you have registered with Hotmail? Haven't changed your number since then?


Possibly the code is being sent to your number as a text message (you can receive text messages on landlines these days)?


Is there a 'code not received' button you can click to try another method (e.g. second email address)?



Could try this:


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Hi @Runningman


IMHO - When you log into Hotmail (Now - live.co.uk etc)

Did you press the Forgotten Password link?


 Did you give them an Alternative email address? For them to contact you on?

Also the Telephone Number supplied - Needs to Be a Mobile Number 

SO they can send straight away, in my experience it happens Quickly in minutes with a mobile, 

which does not have to your usual registered number.

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Good afternoon andysm and DeZeus and thanks for your replies


To answer some of your questions and by the way I have had this hotmail a/c for 15+ years.


Yes, a phone number was specified for password recovery

Yes, definetly typing the last 4 numbers

Number hasn't changed since then

No text messages received on my land line

There isn't a code not received button

Why should I press the forgotten password link when I haven't forgotten the password

I haven't got an alternative e mail address, unless of course I use my wife's, she also has an hotmail a/c

They have my mobile no.


Will try the link given by andysm


Thanks again !

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