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My Pip Ends In May😭


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On 18/02/2020 at 15:23, craigmason said:

Just had a letter my pip ends in may so i have applied again as i have aspbergers and a umbilical hernia the size of a football making it difficult for me to walk far hope its not like last time when i had to appeal and take the dwp to court

Woah!  Why hasn’t your hernia been operated on?  That’s appalling. 

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the problem shes got is she didnt get a letter until dec 10th,she was told she had to do a phone interview,she passed that,BUT the claim ends in march and she has not even recieved the form yet,so it will be jan by the time its sent back,last time it went to court and she won,it all seems wrong and thanks janus,but theres nothing i can see on that link,thought if you won a court case it would be easier,plus hers could run out as well,its not right is it?

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