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Mobile Phone Repairs.


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I was talking to a man in the phone shop in the arcade near Morrisons (Hillsborough)  I've never used them so I don't know if they are any good, he did say that it was a no fix-no fee service. Worth asking?


Depending how bad the crack is, the case idea would also work. 

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Well the phone is working. Its the back.  I have sent off for silicone case. The phone was in an ordinary case when I dropped it. I had no idea it was made from glass. I have rung I Swipe at Fitzalan Square and they say its £35 to get new back put on, which isn't that bad! (might wait to see if back crumbles). It still had transparent sticker on from shop I bought it from. This may be keeping it together. I really think someone should have told me at shop that I needed a tougher cover. My last one was LG made from plastic. I t

hink I Swipe is registered Samsung dealer. Anyway its nice to discuss this with others rather than worry about it - thanks. I should think that no shop would charge if they can't fix it. They would have a riot on their hands lol.

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