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Man City Banned From Champions League

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Man City have apparently been handed a ban from all UEFA competitions for the next two years......


How is this relevant to this particular section I hear you say??..... Quite simple, the blades currently sit in 5th and are just 2 points off Chelski in 4th......But now 5th place may be good enough for Champions League football next year!! 


Can they hold it down? 😳


Once again I reiterate!....No matter who you think you are, Cheats do not prosper!! Break the rules and rightly find yourselves punished!! Well done UEFA!!....Rules are brought into place, in hope of slowing down the financial ruin of the sport! If the top teams don't like it, they should naff off to some stupid Elite league and league the rest of us to it!.....


Shock, shock, horror!!!


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Man City banned from European football. 


5th place could potentially get a Champions League spot. 


Surely not... Surely? 


Europa League spots could go down to 8th.


Huge possibility. 


Don't wake me up. 

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