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Hp Deskjet 845c Printer

florence kat

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I was given this printer.  It has been useful, but  now makes the right noises  but the printed page is feint in the extreme, hardly showing that it is a printed page at all.  I suppose new inks are required.  I do not intend to buy them, because I have another printer I am using now.  How do I dispose of this printer as it is?  Would anyone want it? Where do all these old pieces of equipment go?  This must be a question that arises all the time. Do I put it in the black bin?

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Ideally not....

You  can dispose of it Via PCWorld or Similar Stores who have joined The WEEE  Scheme


or Take it to the Tip!

or Give it Away!

or Sell on Here as Spares or repairs.

As it may just need INK, give it to a charity case.

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Thank you DeZeus.  I looked on PCWorld webite concerning WEEEE and it would appear that, yes, they will take away your old whateveritis, but only if you are buying a NEW one from them.


Well, let's be thankful that at least they will do that, but I am not buying a new one from them, so I shall pursue other avenues you have suggested.  Thanks for replying.

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