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There's Nowt Like Sheffield Dialect

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Skoppydickle, mardyarsedbugger, flummox, chuffinell are just some of the local words that have been sent to my challenge on nowtbutdrippin.com.  Wigtwizzle, Jump, Wombwell and Wetwang are some of the great place names along with sayings like, "face like a bag a spanners", "square moulds for threshing machines", and of course "put wood int oyle!"


Have you got more?  Would you like to join in our challenge?   It's free, it's fun - all you have to do is add a word, a sentence or a phrase to a story.   Last week we had over 200 entries, but we'd like more!  Congratulations to  Sarah Allen, John Andrews,  Jon Barrett,  Lynda Connor, Gail Everett, TerryLynn Ladybird, James Ridge, Andy Longford, John Saunders and Pauline Smith  -  we chose their entries to start off the story..


Now its your turn to give it a go.  Have a look at nowtbutdrippin.com and send your entries through.  

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