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Consultantation On E-Scooter Laws.

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The Govt is considering proposals for a change in the e-scooter laws. 


https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-51375903#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s


Currently there is a fine of £300 for riding on public pavements & roads. 


I've seen at least 2 people riding around the city centre, (along the pavement by the Crown Court at West Bar & along the pavement on Eyre Street), at some speed on the past week. 


You can also have 6 points added to your driving licence for commiting a riding them  on the pavement & road.  I'm guessing most e-scooter users won't have a licence, so I don't know how imposing points will deter. 


I think the real problem with these scooters is the speed at which the riders can travel at?  Perhaps if the speed was limited to 8-10mph, it would be suitable for travelling on pavements but I also believe that there should be some form of registration & insurance taken out by scooter owner? 


On the road though, they look like an accident waiting to happen with no protection whatsoever for the rider. 

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Agree with Geared. Love the idea in theory, but having visited European and US cities, not sure it works in practice. Even with wide pavements, it's startling to have these these thing pass you at speed; and one wrong move from a surprised pedestrian or a wreckless rider is going to end up with a need for first aid.


And with Sheffield's narrow crowded streets, it would be even worse.

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57 minutes ago, West 77 said:

A consultation is needed. The pavement and the roads were not designed to accommodate E-Scooters.

In Leeds, in the major roads, they have the super-cycle highway. So there is the road, sometimes a bus lane, the super-cycle highway and the path. Four lanes, it makes it all very squashed at times.

I am sure we will adopt the same what other countries with more cycles do, the cyclists and pedestrians share a lane. Is that what they do?

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1 hour ago, geared said:

From what I've heard the Leeds Cycle path isn't very good?  Hasn't been well received by cyclists in the city?

A proper cyclist will cycle miles and miles and they prefer the road, but a non-lycra person cycling into Leeds for just a couple of miles would like the car-free cycle lane.

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