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Hello everyone! I’m a newbie at this forum.

My name is Aria and I have a son who has just started playing cello. He likes his classes but he can’t bring the cello home. That’s why I’m thinking about buying him his own one. Another option is just rent it but I see how he likes cello classes and I’m sure he will play it for a long time. I’ve searched the information about “beginners cello” and “student cello” and they are different, of course. The question is what is better: to buy a cheap one for the first time or to buy a special one for beginners (maybe it’s easy to learn or easy to play)?
I now have these variants: Cecilio CCO-100 (budget), Cremona SC-165 (for students) and Cecilio CCO-300 (for beginners). Are they good? Are there any other variants?
Thanks in advance!

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