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M1 Speed Cameras

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Has anyone had a fine for going past the M1 south camera at j34 when there were no active speed restrictions ? Joining the motorway northbound I saw it flash quite a few people yet the gantries were not active.  Someone from work was caught by the one a j33 a couple of months ago on a Sunday when no restrictions were in place. They don't seem to be active all the time though as people fly past it at higher speeds all the time.  No 'don't  speed then' comments please,. Thats not what this is about!! :)

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I don't know if there's an error on some of these gantry cameras(usually the ones overhanging where the hard shoulder should be).

I came up the M1 last week in the early hours of the morning, i overtook a car who was hogging the middle lane,i was doing at least 80.

The cameras didn't flash but in my rear view mirror in the distance i saw the lights flash the middle lane guy (who was still in the same lane after about 3 miles)

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4 hours ago, carltoncdx said:

Is it the HADECS 3 cameras that are mounted on the side of the gantries??

They arn't controlled by the restrictions but are set to around 80 ish.


Where are your getting that info from? They aren't set to that most of the time, people often do 90 or more and they don't go off. Most reports say they are only active when restrictions are in place but every now and again you get an Article in the mail or similar saying police forces are going to turn then on all the time and set then to 70!  I drive up past Leeds often and a fair proportion of people are easily exceeding 80 and 90.   The guy at work is the only person I know who had been caught by one when it was not active, I was seeing if anyone else had been.

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