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Caught By Speed Camera

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Hello, I’m wondering if anyone could advise me. I got flashed by a speed camera in the early hours of this morning. I was driving in an emergency to the hospital from a friends house and I was either doing 36 or 38 mph in a 30mph zone. This is my first speeding offence and wondering if anyone can advise me on what will happen? I’m aware I shouldn’t of been speeding but I’m extremely worried and I can’t get it off my mind!! 

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Nothing to worry about, Rachel.


At the very worst, you will get a £100 fine and three points. 

More likely, you’ll be offered a speed awareness course, which will also cost about £100, but you’ll avoid the points.


I do hope that your emergency sorted itself out. Try not to worry about the speed camera, it is done now and the consequences really aren’t that serious.

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10 minutes ago, PRESLEY said:

Do the course offered  pay £100 and keep a clean license or as previously said  other wise it will cost  £100  and  still get 3 points put on your license.  :thumbsup:

Do the course and no points...if it's offered.

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Phew, feel better now thats out of my system.


I got flashed once and like you it was during an emergency. I fretted for over a month before I plucked up the courage to make some enquiries as to how long it would take for me dreaded NIP to come through the post.  The really helpful lady told me I was in the clear as I had to be notified within two weeks so no fine and a load of worry about nothing. She also told me that a surprising number of flashes result in absolutely nothing being sent out. She wouldnt tell me the locations of the cameras that give these false flashes though 😞 

Finger crossed youll get nothing through the post but as some have said you could be offered a speed awareness thingy although I do hear this depends on previous driving record, how long you have had your license and some other factors but I cant be 100% on this as like I say its just what ive been told.

Good luck and I hope your sorted your emergency out.


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If you're insured by Admiral and its related companies for example, it won't make a difference between doing a course or taking three points because they ask if you have taken a speed awareness course. 


Forgot to add, if you don't get the letter notifying you of a speeding offence in 2 weeks, it doesn't count. 

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