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Landline Not Working (External Problem) At Walkley.

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Guest makapaka
2 hours ago, Pettytom said:

Would anyone know that their landline wasn’t working?


I can’t remember the last time that I used mine 

Oh well if you don’t use a landline surely no one else in Sheffield does. 

I bet the OP is delighted with your reply.

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  • Ask neighbours.
  • Seen anyone working on lines recently? E.g. local openreach vans.

Mine wasn't working a couple of weeks ago - internet was. Phoned talktalk and they said problem was apparently within my property as their tests suggested supply was OK. They then will go on to say if engineer comes there will be a charge of £65 if this was so. They will try and frighten you off. I recommend getting engineer, they are good!

Twice I've had one and it WAS their lines.

Last time was 'corrosion' on one on way to green line boxes (or what they are called). So much for their tests!!

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4 hours ago, Hotmale 1954 said:

Phoned Plusnet. External problem. Engineers don't work weekends. Probable fix on Tuesday. It's surprising how much no Internet affects one's life these days. I didnt have it for my first 50 years. How on Earth did I manage?

Bull I'm afraid.


Source, was working this weekend.

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