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The Cyprus Rape Allegations Case

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On the 1pm news the other day the news showed mother and daughters faces whilst talking to the media outside court but on the 6pm news they hid their faces and now on interviews they cant be identified,  could a forum legal eagle explain this, its all a bit strange.  :suspect:

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17 minutes ago, Stranza said:


I think most media are respecting the victims wish for anonymity.

I believe her.

Im not on about believe or disbelieve, Im on about they havealready shown who they are  outside the court house when the mother was saying her piece, so why hide them now.  :huh:

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53 minutes ago, Branyy said:

The investigation of the rape was dropped. On the other hand, the girl got a suspended sentence for false accusations. The only victim here are those guys.

She claims the authorities pressured or even forced her in to claiming they were false allegations. I imagine this will go on for some time. 

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Guest makapaka
5 minutes ago, Branyy said:

AFAIK, she claimed that, police disagreed and it was discussed over the court.

Of course, if she feels mistreated she can push it to the European court.

At the moment, I don't see a reason not to trust the judge.

I agree with this.

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