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Windows Key And The Windows Menu


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Hi, I always thought that the Windows menu appeared on 'pressing' but someone has posted on another forum I fequent, that it appears on 'release' of the Windows or 'Super' button. Can anyone confirm one way or the other? I can't find any documentation or posts anywhere else about this being on 'release' that the menu appears. Cheers and a prosperous 2020 to all Sheffield Forum members.

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It works on release.... all keys originally worked on release, but through time a 'repeat delay' was added to some, that if detected it has not yet been released, it will repeat the command, until released....

more and more keys have added 'repeat delay' and there's only a few that don't anymore, mostly functional keys such as the Windows key, and I think Insert also,.... 

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If the start menu appeared when the key was pressed it would create complications with the Windows key shortcuts (like Windows + E for file explorer). So showing it on release or after a delay makes sense.

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10 hours ago, swarfendor437 said:

I asked the question because  a user of Zorin states that the Super key activates the menu on press not release - how can you detect this? Documentation?

You should have specified you where questioning its behaviour under Linux.


On almost all Linuxes it does activate on press - which means it can't be used both to bring up the menu and for keyboard shortcuts as I mentioned in my previous post. There was one distribution I tried several years ago that behaved like Windows - I think it was Sabayon. I don't know if it still does it or how it was configured.

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