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Thorpe House Estate Ground Rent

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Hi all,


does anyone own a leasehold property on the Thorpe House Estate (built around 1933) and still pay ground rent? Can you tell me which company you pay your ground rent to? We're selling our house but have an absent landlord, it's causing a few issues for our buyers so I'm doing some digging to see who owns our lease title and which company we need to pay ground rent to. There's nothing on the land register.

Thanks for your help.

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14 hours ago, spider1 said:

Think you you can get round it by insurance

Sort-of. Indemnity insurance is a temporary fix but does not cure the problem.


Ask your solicitor whether the freehold reversion is registered at HMLR, or you can check this yourself via https://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/eservices/FindAProperty/view/QuickEnquiryInit.do


If the freehold reversion is still unregistered, that's usually because it has not been purchased since before 1970 and nor has it changed hands otherwise (e.g. by gift or by Assent) since 1997.

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You as tenant (leaseholder) are entitled to buy the f/r as long as you have owned the leasehold for > 2yrs.

That is so no matter whether it's registered or not and even if the landlord L (f/r owner) is unknown.

BUT the procedure is more complex if L cannot be found-  a County Court application is involved.

See s.27 of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1967/88/section/27

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Thank you for the reply. Our buyer wants to extend and purchase the freehold in the future. Not knowing who the freeholder is makes this a lot more difficult for them. In 2013 I know it was Norrie and Waite who were taking the ground rent payments (the same year we purchased the house). Shortly afterwards they stopped processing ground rent payments.


I’ve enquired with them and they have transferred onto a new system and no longer have our property on their system. They are happy to charge us extortionate rates to ‘just look’ through their archives 😡😡😡

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