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Carboot Mega Thread 2020

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glad my local carboot at bowshaws back,i think its a good venue for only £1 entry

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On 06/01/2020 at 16:20, Groose said:

Welcome to the Carboot Mega Thread 2020.


Please post your Carboot sales, either on going or up and coming later in the year and I will add them to this post. I'm going to start this one afresh. (easier that way as I don't know what Carboots are on at present with it being winter.) This thread can only work with your help and support on the update of Carboot sales!


Please do not mention your Carboot more than once in the thread. This will lead to the post being removed. Any other events will also be removed. (Indoor Carboots do not count)




Tesco Infirmary Road car boot
Sale in aid of Sheffield Children's hospital charity

12th July 2020

Sellers from 6am.       Buyers from 7am

Cars £6.50.       Vans £9.00

50 pitches available to keep to social distancing guidelines

Please book your pitch on





Remember we are a hard standing













The Sheffield Markets Page has a Site for a few Carboots/Events: http://sheffieldmarkets.com/markets/other-markets/temporary-markets-fairs-and-car-boot-sales

Tesco Infirmary Road car boot sale

2nd August

In aid of Sheffield Children's hospital charity

Cars £6.50  vans £9.00

Sellers from 6am

For more information ring




We are a hard standing site

free entry for buyers and free parking

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What car boots are going on tomorrow? Is it Tesco’s and Boshaw only? Also, which of these are bigger? Thanks.

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